Too cool for ballet school

My latest project in costume design is creating costumes for 'The Firebird' a Russian ballet based on a fairytale, with music by Stravinsky. Below are some of  my favourite images i have found doing my research so far, i think they are amazing when i look at them i just wish i could dance like a prima ballarina.  

too cool for ballet school

I absolutly love the following photos they come from an old book i found in the FIT library called 'Ballet' by Serge Lido in 1951, some of the photos look like they inspired Tim Walker's work a lot. 

Nathalie Krassovska, ballet Russes de Monte Carlo


Leon Bakst is one of my favourite illustrators of all time, i think his work is outta this world. He was a member of the Sergei Diaghilev circle and the Ballet Russes. His designs are just exotic...

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  1. The images from 1651 old book are fantastic! thanks for posting.