Theysken's Theory

Went to a talk today by Andrew Rosen, who founded the brand Theory, he has just done a collaboration with designer Olivier Theyskens, he designed most of the blazers and jackets with a triangle cut from the back which is a little detail thing i think is cool (i think i might do to some of my jackets). Rosen was so sweet and nervous and during the talk mangaed to spill a bottle of water, drop both of his phones, and convince us all to bet on one of his race horses on Saturday called 'Theyskens Theory' in the breeders cup.... joker

The following pictures are of the 'Theyskens Therory' collection, kind of love it. 

"It's what I do to mine," said Theyskens, explaining that he likes the look of jackets with shoulders shrugged forward. Hems, too, were often cut away, and shirts had splices up the side seams so they can be worn with the front tucked in and the back pulled out. 

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