Halloween American style

Pumpkins at Union Sq farmers market

winner of the best carved pumpkin award - where the wild things are.... 

Emily as Wednesday 

Went to Kenmare last night for a pre halloween party, me and my friend requested 'daytripper' to Cory Kennedy, she loved it.  there was lots of cool costumes around, my favourite was a very convincing Karl Lagerfeld. (well it was in the dark anyway)

I took the following photos at the Halloween Parade tonight in Soho.  

spooky starbucks

bunny girls

just having a trashy moment and decided to blog about bunnies, i had a pet bunny rabbit when i was little called Peter (obviously) 

"strange what some men find attractive"
bitch from Bridget Jones

playboy bunnies 1965

Dr Jacobs and Mr Marc

I think these marc jacobs notebooks are just too cool it was difficult to decide between this one and "Moby's Dick (LOL)" "The Gay Gatsby" and "Huckleberry Finn is my Homeboy"

my new best T shirt 


and i swore i would never wear ugg boots..... but i couldn't resist these furry monsters- becasue i couldnt afford Chanel :(

"when you die you only take your soul" - John Lennon
but its nice to have pretty, cool things while your living...


OMG its Nagaini (cant wait for the new Harry Potter) 

 The NY Natural History Museum, (biggest museum in the world)  definatly the best one i've ever been too, so incredible, you have to go...  

pussy cat 

and just on the subject of butterflies
i love these Damien Hurst butterfly stain glass windows

empire sunset

went up the empire state building on perhaps the best ever day, the sunset was beautiful and so were all the little lights when they all came on, everything seemed very small up there. I felt like the ladybird from James and the giant peach..... love that film