Appropriation of the cross into popular culture. AGAIN

"At first glace you could be forgiven for thinking that the location for Nina Mericallo's Hill of Crosses film is an elaborate sprawling set-build, but it is in fact an organically created, Lithuanian shrine which has been formed gradually by Catholic pilgrims visiting the site since the 1830's.
Initially chosen as a location for Nina's fashion story in 125's religion issue, it was decided early on that a location as stunning as this should be made the most of, the result is this elegant piece of film which follows Nina's heroine on a pilgrimage which leads the viewer through the hill of crosses on a journey of confession and ultimately redemption. "

hill of crosses - 125 magazine

shame about the music

Director - Nina Mericallo, Cinematographer - Janis Skulme, Stylist - Suvi-Elina Enqvist, Hair & Makeup - Tom Wennerstrand, Model - Marie at Just WM, Stylists Assistant - Anna Pesonen, Editor - Anssi Määttä, Music - Sauli Hirvi 

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