too much fun can make you sick

 ♥ Brighton Beach 

down by the seaside.

had lots of fun looking round the saturday market - lots of stuffed animals, furniture and jewellery well worth a visit. ALSO had the yummiest vegetarian indian lunch.

the houses are so pretty, if there is one other place i could ever live apart from london... 

street style.

i wish i had my own garden so i could do the watering with one of these watering cans. 

pink bunny definatly my fave. 

Arcade Fire.

 Two ladies enjoying their ice creams.
literally me when i'm older

dont you just love tacky seaside life?? 

TOO MUCH upside down FUN

loved this woman's hair coat combo. 

fell asleep on the train on the way home after being sick from eating too much, and sneaking onto the wrong train, by being assertive "London Victoria please"
always works a treat. 

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