ray gun

Went to a talk by David Carson this evening, a famous american typographer also number 9 best ranked surfer in the world. he was almost as good on the computer as me (see above image- his desktop) he talked us through photos that inspire his work. He then showed us lots of examples of his work, advertising and typography that he has done for hundreds of magazines and brands. a really funny coca cola one with an 'inappropriate' placing of the bottle. in fact he was pretty filthy minded and he asked me and my friend emily if we were 'together' and then insinuated some kind of threesome... and when we asked if we could have our photo taken with him he seemed very happy and said "oh this job does have some perks"   

examples of his work. "the father of grunge" 

"Ray Gun was an American alternative rock-and-roll magazine, first published in 1992. Led by founding art director David Carson, Ray Gun explored experimental magazine typographic design. The result was a chaotic, abstract style, not always readable, but distinctive in appearance. In terms of content, Ray Gun was also notable for its choices of subject matter. The cutting-edge advertising, musical artists and pop culture icons spotlighted were typically ahead of the curve, putting such artists as Radiohead, Bjork, Beck, Flaming Lips, PJ Harvey and Eminem on its cover long before its better-known competitors."

i didn't have any paper so he signed a dollar bill for me. im just hoping i don't spend it by accident... 

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