Paul Thek at the Whitney Museum NY.  

Went to this exhibition over the weekend it was absolutly disgusting and made me feel sick. Thek made replicas of meaty flesh and they looked so real, some had bugs crawling on them and others were painted in wacky colours like this hand. Thek died of Aids when he was very young, and his final collection of work, which was childlike and hung low to the ground with small school chairs, was very moving. GO AND SEE THIS IF YOU ARE IN NY.  

". . I seem to be running into other strange, artistic uses of meat — or at least meat-like substances. Earlier this month I wrote about “Bad Dreams,” a new show at the Des Moines Art Center, which includes a sculpture by Paul Thek that appears to be two slabs of raw flesh encased in a glass box." - Lady Gaga

ummmmm is it wrong that i think these shoes are AMAZING ??


some of Theks final collection....

when he knew he didn't have long left to live


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