cupcakes for breakfast and Lanvin for lunch

Billy's Bakery do the best cakes in the world, they taste especially good in the morning when your still in bed.

 Walked all the way up to the 5th ave H&M, to be told that the Lavin collection was sold out. but they had it on broadway and 34th so trecked back... to be told i needed a wristband to get in. JOKE. 

kind of love this red dress. can someone please buy it for me :)

managed to get my hands on this cute little tote though, for my school books.
i was very impressed with the packaging of the collection and i love the details on the hangers, garment bags and, paper bags, and i love the fabric collages. 

I wonder what Jeanne Lanvin would think to this collection ?
maybe the childish nature of the collection would appeal to her, she did start off by making childrens clothes. "i want Lanvin not flowers" sounds a bit like a spoilt child in 1900 i suppose.

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