Had a very eventful few days and I absolutly LOVE NY. Saturday morning i stumbled across a wonderful flea market in a car park around 6th and 30th st where i picked up a lovely sequin embellished cardigan and some original photos from fashion magazine editorials, the guys gave them to me for cheap because i was English and was 'cute' with a nice smile, they also gave me a free old pair of leather gloves but they gave me two left hands, still its the thought that counts. "always smile sweetly and say good morning" i think this is the best bit of advice for a girl EVER ? for almost every situation... (thanks mum)        

horse shoe ring is yours Rosie 

These chairs were completly embellished with tiny tiny beads (must have taken forever)

If there is one period of history i wish i could have lived in..... take me to ANCIENT EGYPT any day.
Made a trip across the river to Brooklyn Williamsberg which is so lovely, and has amazing vintage shops i picked up this furry coat in Beacons closet for $24, and i adore it. Auntie Mame would be so proud  

please watch this its one of the best films of all time. 

We headed to Veniero's for desert in the evening (on 1st ave and 12th st) a notorious hang out for the Mafia in the past, i can easily see why they liked it here, they do the best pastries in town. oh and we put on gangster voices all night.  

OMG it was gone in under a minute


Today was the NY marathon, an excuse to scream and shout like a crazy women. These two classic NY old ladies were standing in front of us for a while, they were too cool with their Chanel pumps and sunglasses and burberry dog coats. (I hope im like them when im old) 'Raffy' the dog named after Nedal the tennis player, got chilly so they had to leave which ment we got to the front to cheer on the runners....   

my new coat ! very warm indeed. 

excellent running kit.

we got free hot chocolate!

But if you didn't fancy that you could always have 'TRUMP ICE'

love you Donald x

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