i want cornflakes

 I found these lovely illustrations by Doug Johnson in a 1960's American Airlines directions pamphlet in a flea market in NY. think there really coool.

one of my favourite necklaces

The necklace Anne Bolyn is wearing in this portrait from the 1500's is thought to be THE first ever piece of monogramed jewelry EVER, which has inspired loads and loads of stuff today (including my princess necklace)

think this dress is AMAZING by Riccardo Tisci, at Givenchy. on the left in British vogue shot by Tim Walker and on the right in the september issue of W magazine.

knowing you, you probably already saw these images in this months British Vogue but i thought just in case you hadent i would put them here so you could see them. (i especially liked the article that accompanied the photo shoot by Judith Watt)

oooooooooooooo la la

This dreamy flock of hummingbirds was part of an interior project Alexander Mc Queen was doing shortly before his death, this print design was for a rug, for the Rug Company. i wish i had it in my apartment

and finally just because i think it gaaaaawjus.....

love the long sleeves on that dress !

in a cornflakes state of mind.

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