i live next door to the museum of SEX.

Took the following photos of various vintage porn films that were playing at the museum of sex, the earliest films were made in the 1920's  and are VERY funny and sexy. Worth a trip if your in NY, there is also an aphrodisiac cafe but the food is expensive (apparently) 

"Son of the Sheik" 1926

 "you know.... when i blow out this match... thats's an invitation to kiss you..."
Flesh and the Devil 1926

This was my favorite exhibit, the film was silent and in black and white but was very seductive, Greta Garbo looks so HOT in the film 

Tommy Lee and Pammy sex tape 

love these boots, ballet shoe inspired, pretty perverse... 

By far the strangest exhibit was 'Sex lives of animals' made me feel a little bit ill. 


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