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Malan Breton Show

Me and friend thought it would be fun to do some kind of 'sewing' work experience during fashion week. We were sent to Malan Breton's studio, he was LOVELY and so was the stylist who was hilarious, it was the show the next day at 11am, we were there from 2pm till about 10pm, all the clothes for the collection needed adjusting and steaming, there was a lot of stuff that had been left to the very last minute. I was given ALL the mens trousers to hem with invisable fusing tape, they were marked with pins where i had to cut the material, so i did what i was told. They asked me to go in the morning to the show to help out again. IT WAS STRESSFUL, the models were all late all the clothes were creased, and nobody knew what the hell was going on, but it was fine. UNTIL the male models all tried on the trousers.......... they were all too short. (IT WASNT MY FAULT, i had just cut the trousers where the designer had put the pins) EVERYONE was freaking out, i was given one pair of trousers and told to make them into shorts 5 minutes before the show started! I couldn't find the tape and there was about 3 other dresses i was trying to adjust, it just wasn't funny at the time.

 'Strider' one of the poodles who featured in the show

OH! and the fire alarm went off half way through because one of the interns left the steamer on, the 65 piece orchestra kept playing though.

These used to be trousers 5 minutes ago can you tell ?? haha

ALSO the night before the show Malan and the stylist were naming all the pieces in the collection and sorting out the running order, they didnt know what to call these so i suggested "jazzy shorts" and they named them that! so i named part of the collection.

    Robert Verdi

WHAT CAN I SAY ABOUT ROBERT VERDI?? well at least i didnt have to clean up his dogs piss like one of my friends who was also working there. Verdi was holding this fashion spa retreat event in a cool apartment. I worked there for one day and had to welcome the guests and offer them special Robert Verdi and coca cola collaboration drinks which came with free diamond rings (not real) while the guests got free blowdrys and manicures, polaroid cameras, food, cocktails, bags, coats, jeans, make up, irons and chairs that massage your back (like they couldnt afford to buy any of this stuff themselves)it was quite funny. I watched the September issue again last night and spotted him in that. I spoke to him once while i was working there, and he just looked at me and goes ... "oooooo your from Paris"   

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